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Our Solution

our solution

If a river or channel is flowing through your city our main precondition is met. We are the right partner if you have questions or plans surrounding the topic of riversurfing and the construction of surfable waves.

We are offering:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Support during planing, implementing and maintaining riverwaves
  • Wavermaker3000: An IP protected, secure and successfully tested fixture for the creation of a surfable wave in natural rivers or channels. The Wavemaker can be flexibely adjusted to several different installation situations
  • A cost-efficient solution
  • An energy neutral solution that solely utilises recycled materials
  • Flexibility: The Wavemaker is by request adjustable enabling the wave to adapt to fluctuating water flow volumes and water-levels
  • Additional benefit through energy generation: The Wavemaker3000 can be coupled with a hydro turbine to create energy

Whitewater at the Floßlände in Munich: Before the insertion of the Wavemaker3000 the wave could not be used for surfing


An almost perfect standing wave: After the insertion of the Wavemaker3000 surfers from all over the world enjoy the wave at the Floßlände in Munich