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River Surfing

River surfing in your city

Sharing the wave: river surfing in Munich, Floßlände

Sharing the wave: river surfing in Munich, Floßlände


Simple things are often enough to create something special:
With a few ramps a flat concrete area can be turned into a bustling skatepark. With a net and two poles any beach can be turned into a beach volleyball court.

With a small fixture in your channel or river you can create a surfable wave - a whole new attraction for your city.

For this we invented the Wavemaker3000 - a robust, low-risk and cost-efficient wave that purely utilizes flowing energy. For this we solely use recycled materials.


Invest into quality of life


  • Riversurfing is a sport that is here to stay. With only little efforts a whole community can be created involving sports and nature
  • In Riversurfing it doesn't matter who you are or what you are doing: Beginners, professionals, young and elderly, tourist or locals.
  • Everyone can participate and share the wave. While some are working on making their style perfect, others can rent a board and try for the first time safely.
  • Riversurfing in your city offers moments of freedom in the daily life. Riversurfers are usually talking about reocurring moments of happiness. All of this enabled through a wave that is there independent of weather or time - Go for a surf before or after work, during your break or lecture.
  • Riverwaves attract crowds: Not only surfers but also spectators love watching and experiencing how a simple wave can change a whole area
  • Riverwaves improve the urban quality of life. Watch as a piece of water changes into a sports spectacle

Establishing riversurfing in your area doesn't require a lot. A channel or a river is most of the times enough to make our Wavemaker3000 work. Contact us and we will inform you about all the detail