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In orange: The Wavemaker3000


The Wavermaker3000 is the result of intense analysis and simulation of fluid mechanics, solidity and deformation-behavior of fixtures and years of experience in riversurfing.

The Wavermaker3000 redirects the water with a minimal loss of energy to create a wave with a maximum dynamic capacity at minimal volumes of water and pressure-levels.
The surfable wave lies on an independent, slowly gyrating water cushion to ensure that the energy losses are being kept at a minimum. In the rear of the wave the so called white water is being formed in which the flow energy is dissipating.


The functional part of the fixture consists of synthetic fins that redirect the water and create the geometry of the wave. If a swimmer, a rubber boat, a canoe or a surfer touch the wave during a fall and get in contact with the fins, our material morphs to prevent injuries.

Variable basic conditions

Depending on installation conditions we can adjust the Wavemaker3000 to your needs. This makes it easy to adjust the fixture to the changing natural conditions and ensures ideal operation.

Energy efficiency

Using CFD enables us to simulate the surf-ability of each wave

Using CFD enables us to simulate the surf-ability of each wave

Unlike wave pools that work using high-capacity water pumps with high energy demands our technology is energy neutral. Merely 1,1 cubic meters of water per second and per meter of wave width are needed: 1,1m³/ms at a stage height of H = 70cm.

Using a second stage of expansion it is even possible to create electrical currents. The saved energy per meter of wave-width equals approximately 8.5 kW/m. This leads to approximately 6 kW/m electrical energy per meter of wave-width. This energy fullfils the needs of 22 2 person households per meter of wave-width. Each Wavemaker3000 enables can be upgraded to a wave creating energy.

Proven functionality

The base-technology of the Wavemaker3000 is in usage since the summer of 2015 at the Floßlände in Munich. The wave is located inside a public domain and is being used with joy by rafts, canoes, swimmers, surfers and others.

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